Our Story

Saudi Building Technic is proud of its 40 years of heritage of service in Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

  • From the establishment in 1978 (1398 AH), we have grown to 3000 experienced staff professionals distributed throughout our projects. Saudi Building Technic is recognized as one of the leading maintenance and constructions firms in the kingdom.
  • We are proud too, of our significant contribution to the development of the modern communities through our input towards a large number of building, transportation, water and sanitation, environment, health, and education projects.
  • By associating with leading and world-class partners, we have many iconic significant projects in our portfolio, having worked at times to fast-track schedules to meet important business targets for our clients.
  • As we steadily expand our geographic presence around the kingdom, we feel confident in the strong and experienced base we have to serve and support our operations.

Why Us!

  • We respect our clients, and thank those who have trusted us with repeated business time after time and project after project.
  • We appreciate our dedicated staff and faithful colleagues whose talents have helped us to grow into the modern company we are today.
  • We respect the partner companies with which we have shared our growth and success, many being leaders in their sectors.
  • With you all we look forward to a focused future based on a proud past.

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Chairman's Word

  • SBTMC is built on a foundation of core values that are shared across each and every member of our team.
  • These core values assisted SBTMC grow into a national leader in maintenance and constructions services.
  • We understand that the most important items in our industry are safety, time, cost, and quality, while protecting our environment.
  • With this in mind SBTMC collaborates with our clients to deliver the best possible outcome.
  • We are driven to achieve a legacy through a synergistic approach, based on integrity and satisfaction, building unsurpassed relationships, creating innovative, and sustainable solutions.

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18 Zubida Bint Jaafar St, Al Murabba - P.O. Box. 17563, Riyadh 11494, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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